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Price List

Clipper Blades

Small Animal Blades        $8
  Large Animal Blades        $10  
Ceramic Blades              $12

repairs: tension springs, sockets, screws repaired at no charge

Arco 5 in 1:

New Cutter / Comb Flat Honed $15
New Deck $5

Scissor Sharpening

Bevel Edge and Thinners: $15 (Groomers)
Convex Edge and Thinners: $30 (Groomers)
Hairstylists  $15 & $30
Corrugating    $5

Industrial Shears (Sewing, Pinking, Etc.)

Wahl Canada Distributor and Warranty Service Center.

We accept the following forms of payment:
Cash, Cheque, Visa & MasterCard

(Dishonored Cheques subject to $15 service fee and credit card transactions subject to a $2.50 transaction fee.)